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2014 People's Choice Awards Round-Up

Hello again blogosphere! As you may or may not know, last night marked the 40th Annual People's Choice Awards, which of course are always exciting. So who wouldn't want a massive round-up of everything that went down? So without further ado, I introduce to you, the 2014 People's Choice Awards- in blog form.

Best and Worst Dressed

As you know, one of the most fun things to do at an award show is judge the fashion. Well, even though this is absolutely nothing like a fashion blog, I love being super judgemental as well (plus, I've watched my fair share of 'Fashion Police'). Because I'm just the nicest person in the world, I'll start off with the best.

Best Dressed

Greer Grammer

Sure, she may have the oddest name on the face of the planet, but I have to say, she looked super awesome last night. She looked by far the best of her 'Awkward' co-stars! Also, let's get real, who doesn't love them some gold brocade? Definitely a winner. 

Allison Williams

Once again rocking the blue and making her way onto my best dressed list is 'Girls' star Allison Williams. I see that she's a fan of bold colours, and you know what, so am I. She looked super awesome and classy, and seriously needs to give Lena Dunham fashion advice majorly. 

Jennifer Hudson

It may be simple, but it works. Jennifer Hudson looks amazeballs in all white on the red carpet! TBH, her red carpet fashion is generally pretty awesome, but that doesn't take away from the fact that she looked stunning tonight. 

Adelaide Kane

Fellow Australian Adelaide Kane looked absolutely awesome last night. I seriously love her dress, it's amazeballs, and the little green accessory gave it a bit of colour which was nice. The 'Reign' star was absolutely one of the best dressed. 

Naya Rivera

Yeah, of course I may be just a little biased given her status as a member of the 'Glee' cast, but hey, she did look amazeballs last night. I myself am not a fun of the mullet style dresses, but Naya rocked it. She is one of the only people who have had consistent red carpet awesomeness, and for that achievement alone she has earned her place in my best dressed list. 

Worst Dressed

Drew Barrymore

I know, I know, you can't criticise pregnant women (especially if they're Drew Barrymore), but this dress is just awful. Rule number one, yellow isn't a flattering colour on anyone, ever. Rule number two, if it looks like a wide two tone sack, don't wear it, especially if you're going anywhere near cameras. Poor Drew. 

Stana Katic

'Castle' star Stana Katic did not dress to impress last night. Sorry to say, I absolutely hated this. Apparently, some people have been raving about how chic and fashionable this frock is. Well, I think they may be visually impaired, because to me, this just looks like a lump of ugly fabric strung together to make what can barely pass as a dress It's awful, truly and utterly awful. 

Lucy Hale

It pains me to say this, it truly does, but I'm sorry Lucy, this look just isn't working out for you. The 'Pretty Little Liars' star's frock was kind of a bust. It just looks like the fabric you would find used in the curtains at an elderly home, and the one shoulder style I find just isn't flattering on many people. But chin up, you normally look fabulous!

Cassie Scerbo

It seems that star of 'Sharknado' Cassie Scerbo may need to hire a new stylist. First of all, playsuits hardly ever work at a red carpet event, and when they look like something you could wear on an intergalactic mission in a GQ magazine, it's can never be good. 

Emily Deschanel

Again, I hate to say it, but I'm sorry Emily, this look just didn't vaguely work. This two coloured sack of a dress does absolutely nothing for her in the slightest, and having super stern, slicked back hair doesn't help either. 

The Actual Award Show

This year, the People's Choice Awards was hosted by Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs from the comedy 'Two Broke Girls'.

Starting the award ceremony in the format of their show, the two hosts began their introduction inside a diner as they waited on fellow nominees. This included cameos by the cast of 'The Big Bang Theory', Ian Somerhalder, Sarah Michelle Gellar and a bunch of other people who I can't be bothered to name. Eventually, once they hitchhiked and got a ride from Walter White of 'Breaking Bad', they finally made it to the People's Choice Awards. Once there, they started going on about how sometimes people didn't now they were actors and just assumed they were waitresses. In award show fashion, country singer Brad Paisley then asks for a burger and fries, followed by Heidi Klum. Then a bunch of random waitresses show up and serve the audience burgers and fries, way to win over a crowd. Everything's going pretty well, until you awkwardly hear Beth Behrs talking out of character with Brad Paisley, talking about how he was great for going along with it and that she kind of has to stay there with him until the end of the skit. Did she know she was being filmed? I have no idea. Was that supposed to go to air? Probably not. Oh well, that's what happens with live television.

After that, it was officially time to start announcing the winners. Of course, this was done throughout the show with a bunch of performances and skits in between, but because I can be bothered to do it sequentially, below are just all of the winners throughout the course of the night.

And the winners are . . .

Iron Man 3

- Favourite Movie
- Favourite Action Movie

Johnny Depp

- Favourite Movie Actor

Sandra Bullock

- Favourite Movie Actress
- Favourite Comedic Movie Actress
- Favourite Dramatic Movie Actress

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney- Gravity

-Favourite Movie Duo

Robert Downey Jr. 

- Favourite Action Movie Star

The Heat

- Favourite Comedic Movie

Adam Sandler

- Favourite Comedic Movie Actor

Favourite Dramatic Movie

- Gravity

Leonardo DiCaprio

- Favourite Dramatic Movie Actor 

Despicable Me 2

- Favourite Family Movie


- Favourite Horror Movie

Now You See Me

- Favourite Thriller Movie

The Big Bang Theory

- Favourite Network TV Comedy

Chris Colfer

- Favourite Comedic TV Actor

Kaley Cuoco

- Favourite Comedic TV Actress

The Good Wife

- Favourite Network TV Drama

Josh Charles

- Favourite Dramatic TV Actor

Stana Katic

- Favourite Dramatic TV Actress

Joseph Morgan

- Favourite Actor in a New TV Series

Sarah Michelle Gellar

- Favourite Actress in a New TV Series


- Favourite TV Crime Drama

The Voice

- Favourite Competition TV Show


- Favourite Cable TV Comedy

The Walking Dead

- Favourite Cable TV Drama


- Favourite Premium Cable TV Show

Lucy Hale

- Favourite Cable TV Actress

Rick Grimes

- Favourite TV Anti-Hero

Sam, Dean and Castiel- Supernatural

- Favourite TV Bromance

Rachel and Santana- Glee

- Favourite TV Gal Pals

Damon and Elena- The Vampire Diaries

- Favourite On-Screen Chemistry

Beauty and the Beast

- Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show

Ian Somerhalder

- Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor

Kristin Kreuk

- Favourite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress

American Horror Story

- Favourite TV Movie/Miniseries

Ellen Degeneres

- Favourite Daytime TV Host(s)

Queen Latifah

- Favourite New Talk Show Host

Stephen Colbert

- Favourite Late Night Talk Show Host

Orange Is the New Black

- Favourite Streaming Series

Breaking Bad

- Favourite Series We Miss Most

Super Fun Night

- Favourite New TV Comedy


- Favourite New TV Drama

Justin Timberlake

- Favourite Male Artist
- Favourite R&B Artist
- Favourite Album (The 20/20 Experience)

Demi Lovato

- Favourite Female Artist
- Favourite Music Fan Following (Lovatics)

Ariana Grande

- Favourite Breakout Artist

Britney Spears

- Favourite Pop Artist

Taylor Swift 

- Favourite Country Artist

Tim McGraw

- Favourite Country Music Icon

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

- Favourite Hip-Hiop Artist

One Direction

- Favourite Band

Fall Out Boy

- Favourite Alternative Band

Katy Perry

- Favourite Song ('Roar')

Pink and Nate Guess

- Favourite Music Video (Just Give Me a Reason)

I have mixed feelings about these winnings. For one, I feel totally robbed that 'Glee' didn't win favourite comedy, and that 'Lea Michele' didn't win favourite comedic actress, what has the world come to I ask you? Also, how did The Walking Dead beat Pretty Little Liars, and why were they even put in the same category? It's wrong, just wrong. On that other hand, I'm happy that Chris Colfer won favourite comedic actor, and that Lucy Hale won favourite cable TV actress.  If only 'Glee' could've won every category *sigh*. Also, it actually physically pained me to have to put a photo of Taylor Swift on here. I'm still recovering. 

La Musica

Let's face it, there would be no award show without random, boring live performances you're tempted to skip through. Tonight, we were bombarded with musical heavy weights Sara Bareilles, Brad Paisley and One Republic. What did I think of them? Well, you'll have to read and see. 

Sara Bareilles

Well Sara was the first performer of the show, and graced us with a slightly pitchy and luck lustre rendition of some song I've never heard before in my life. I know, I really talk it up. Though there was no denying that she was getting into it facially, she was working those forehead muscles. However, I do admire the fact that she was able to stand in such an awkward position as she sung and hovered over the piano, you've got to give her props for that. 

Brad Paisley

Next up was country singer who I'd never heard of before the show, Brad Paisley. TBH, I didn't watch any of his performance. I don't do country, ever. It reminds me to much of the intolerable, demon spawn Taylor Swift (even though what she sings doesn't resemble country in the slightest- nor does it resemble any kind of music, but that's a different story). So yeah, can't really give a detailed review with that one. But you can watch it here for yourselves. 

One Republic

Lastly was One Republic. Having only ever heard of them before and never seen them or listened to their music, I was surprised to see that their was only one guy on stage. I thought they would've been some kind of One Direction imitation or something, but no, just one guy uncontrollably yelling into a microphone. He does have stage presence, but that can only get you so far when you spend large intervals of the song screaming for dear life. 

Re-cap of Everything Else

Random Moments

1. The running joke that Sean Hayes and Sandra Bullock are married.

That she seemed to go along with.

2. When Ellen went up to receive Justin Timberlake's award. 

Why was this funny exactly? It's Ellen Degeneres. Enough said.

3. Drew Barrymore admits she likes a guy in a fanny pack.

Just go with it, that's how she rolls.

4. When Beth Behrs embarrassingly starts her little medely of 'Wrecking Ball', 'The Hills are Alive', before finishing with the big show stopper 'Baby Got Back' and twerking uncontrollably.

They're a couple of minutes I'll never get back.

5. When Malin Akerman pronounces Ian Somerhalder's name wrong. Either that, or there's some new guy in 'The Vampire Diaries' by the name of 'Ian Somerhandler'.

Whip out your awkward turtles everyone.

6. That moment when Robert Downey Jr. demanded a spotlight and he actually got one, before getting all Iron Man on everyone.

7. Finally, when Sarah Michelle Gellar thanked all her Buffy fans, and I majorly fangirled.

My Awards
Like last time with the Emmys, I thought I'd give out my own awards for random things that happened throughout the award ceremony. 

Best Acceptance Speech: A tie between Ellen Degeneres and Adam Sandler. As she was accepting her record breaking 14th People's Choice Award, she said what have to be some of the word's in history, which read "Just yesterday I was talking to this lovely African-American 80 hours a week just to get by. Every night she comes home and can't wait to watch my show. And that woman's name is Oprah Winfrey". You'd think that would be pretty hard to beat, until Adam Sandler shows up. I'm not going to go into as much quoting detail as I did before, but let's just say he may or may not have made out that Drew Barrymore is illiterate.

Awkwardest Moment: When Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev accepted their 'Favourite On-Screen Chemistry' award.

Best Cross-Promotion: The Voice, as they all slam each other and reveal what it's really like working together.

Worst Cross-Promotion: That weird thing for Walgreen with Tim Gunn being all creepy.

And that's the end of my super super long People's Choice Awards post. I've saved you the trouble of having to watch them yourself. You're welcome. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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