Friday, 1 November 2013

Farewell October

Hello and welcome back! As I kinda sorta mentioned in my last post (which was only yesterday- someone's back in the game!), I have all this stupid exam preparation at the moment, so all my super duper late reviews will have to come after them. But have no fear, exams end on Tuesday, and I'll be free to blog about everything ever. Of course, I couldn't let the opportunity to say goodbye to yet another month go past, so I've halted my study temporarily to give it a proper send off and officially bring on November. So yeah, I'm just gonna do the usual and highlight the memorable moments of October.

4. Wicked 10 Year Anniversary

On October 30th this year, it was officially the 10 year anniversary of the awesome musical 'Wicked'! And yeah, not everyone may consider this to be a significant event in October (or anyone who isn't a musical theatre buff), which is why it only ranked at number 4. But back in 2003, this awesome musical opened and gained its own cult-like following (which I may or may not be apart of), and I think that should be celebrated. Of course, they had a little celebration too, throwing a little anniversary party and doing their own lip-dub of Mika and Ariana Grande's 'Popular Song', but I think this blog will just add to the festivities.

3. Big Sean pops the question to Naya Rivera

Back on October 4th, it was officially announced that Naya Rivera and Big Sean are engaged! Yeah, again, it's kinda biased being on the list (I like to gleek out whenever I can), but I'm pretty sure Big Sean is famous, isn't he? To be honest, I wouldn't know. But whatever, it's on here, and it's exciting, and it happened in October, so just go with it.












2. Miley Cyrus vs. Sinead O' Connor

Yeah, yeah, we've all seen Miley's controversial 'Wrecking Ball' music video, but who knew that Sinead O' Connor was among those viewers? Well apparently, she is, and apparently, she's not happy about it. Maybe it's because everyone was comparing Miley's close ups to her own, or maybe she was just horrified and appalled like the rest of us? Who knows. But one thing's for sure, it certainly got cray, It all started when Sinead O' Connor wrote an open letter to Miley, basically saying that she's a terrible role model for everybody ever. Miley kinda responded by comparing her to the all cray Amanda Bynes, and re-tweeting some of her old, slightly insane messages, which didn't exactly go down well. Yet another open letter was sent Miley's way, talking about how teasing her for her previous mental health problems was wrong and all that, while Miley simply stated that she was 'too busy' to write back to her. All in all, it was just a pile of cray.








1. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are no more

Yep, it's official, the couple with the best genetics ever have now separated. It sure looked like it was smooth sailing there for a while, but as all couples who get together in the magical land of Hollywood, they never really stood a chance. But personally, what I found absolutely hilarious and completely and utterly cray since this, was that apparently Miranda has rebounded with Justin Bieber. Just a recap, Miranda Kerr, ditched Orlando Bloom for a narcissistic 12 year old (19 year old, whatever). Take of that what you will.

So yeah, now we can officially bring on November having remembered some of the crayness and awesomeness of October. And just think, it's nearly Christmas (sort of)! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


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