Monday, 13 July 2015

2 Year Anniversary: Cory Monteith

Hello again readers! I'm back again and ready to blog, however today, I'm understandably not exactly in the best of spirits. I know it's hard to believe, but 2 years ago today, we found out that the tall, awkward Canadian we'd come to know and love was no longer with us. It was seriously awful for Gleeks everywhere, and 730 days later, not gonna lie, I'm still in denial. Of course I had to post something, however instead of being super depressing and ensuring that your day is horrible, I thought I'd post some happy stuff instead to make everyone a little less miserable. Without further ado, I present to you the top 7 fun facts about to Mr Monteith . . .

1. He's Actually Super Smart

Despite (expertly) playing the dumb jock stereotype to a T on 'Glee', in reality, Cory was actually pretty nerdy. I kid you not, in his youth, he used to pretend to go to asleep when his parents were in the room, but snuck encyclopaedias under the covers to get in a little extra learning. Plus, he just so happened to be at a 4th grade reading level in Kindergarten, leaving us mere mortals behind. As a nerd myself, I totally commend him. 

2. He was nominated for a Grammy

I don't even know how, but for some reason, the fact that 'Glee' was a total smash at the Grammys seems to fly under the radar. Not everyone knows this, but Cory was nominated for a Grammy for lending his voice to 'Don't Stop Believin', which as you well know, pretty much became the show's unofficial anthem. For someone who previously didn't consider himself a singer, that's pretty impressive. 

3. He's Ridiculously Witty

In interviews, Cory was always sure to come out with some awesome, occasionally inappropriate one-liners. Before 'Glee' even came out he was on a roll, describing it as 'if High School Musical got punched in the stomach and had it's lunch money stolen', which there's no denying is actually pretty accurate (considering both are totally on point). Not to mention his eagerness to participate in Ellen's hilarious yoga room sketch. Basically, what I'm trying to say is his sense of humour pretty much puts everyone else's to shame. 

4. He's Dedicated

Literally, to audition for 'Glee', Cory drove for 20 hours from Vancouver to LA. That's crazy right? But it doesn't stop there. He didn't have enough money with him to stay at a hotel, so slept in his car on the side of the road somewhere in Oregon. Also, throughout the journey, he managed to learn all of the songs from 'Rent' and the Billy Joel's biggest hits so he'd have something to audition with. No doubt about it, that's certainly commitment.

5. He's Actually a Drummer

Sure, we all know that Finn has a knack for drumming, but turns out, Cory does too. In fact, prior to 'Glee', he'd never actually sung before, so instead of performing a song for his audition, he submitted a video of him drumming on tupperware he had lying around his kitchen to prove that he had some sort of musical talent. Plus, he just so happened to be the lead drummer in his band 'Bonnie Dune'. 

6. He's a Massive Vancouver Canucks Fan

I mean, seeing as he's Canadian and all this shouldn't come as a surprise, but I do appreciate a good fangirl (or in this case, fanboy). And he wasn't simply just a fan, oh no, he was a major, die hard supporter, and that I can respect. 

7. He's Had So Many Jobs

Seriously, never has anyone ever been employed so many times. Cory has tried his luck at greeting people as they enter Walmart, being a taxi driver, a roofer, a car washer and also driving a school bus for a day care. Finally, he chose acting, and I think we can all agree this was for the best. 

BONUS: Cory's Last Tweet

Brilliant, just brilliant.

This is where I'm going to bring the post to a close. I hope that this has managed to make Gleeks everywhere a little less upset today, and that his awesomeness has entertained you all. As I said cheesily last year, and will continue to remind you all, don't stop believing! Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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