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Oscars 2015: Best and Worst Dressed

Hello blogosphere, and welcome back to Teenage Fanatic! I may be admittedly a tad delayed, but I just couldn't let the 2015 Oscars go by without celebrating it in some way. What exactly have I chosen to do at this late date? Rank people by their fashion choices of course. The Oscars already covers judging people based on their talent, so I've decided to take the more material approach and ridicule people based on what they are wearing. It may not be the nicest thing to do, but hey, I need to get my judgement in here somehow. So without further ado, here are my picks for best and worst dressed . . .

Best Dressed

Reese Witherspoon

Reese may not have won the Oscar for the best actress, but she was certainly up there in terms of fashion. No doubt about it, Miss Witherspoon dressed to impress. I'm not gonna lie, ever since Legally Blonde, Reese has kinda been one of my fashion icons (let's face it, there's no such thing as too much pink), and tonight, she definitely didn't disappoint. Her gown was classy and elegant, and was totally fitted to a Best Actress nominee. All in all, a stunning ensemble.

Anna Kendrick

Damn, Anna Kendrick has just come in and slayed 2015. Don't believe me? Let's weigh up the facts. She was Cinderella in the nominated flick 'Into the Woods', she's the star of one of the most successful musical-to-film adaptations 'The Last Five Years', she's in the upcoming acapella extravaganza 'Pitch Perfect 2', and she was an integral part of Neil Patrick Harris' Oscars opening. Plus, in addition to all of this, she looked totally fabulous on the Red Carpet. Success? I think yes. I am actually in love with her look. It's pink, it's pretty, it's age appropriate, and she looks totally awesome. Can one ask for anything more? I don't think so. 

Jennifer Aniston

I'm just going to come right out and say it, I think this is the best Jennifer Aniston has looked. Ever. I mean, come on, she's just totally outdone herself. Can you believe she's 46? How does one look like that in their mid forties? Seriously, is she immortal? There are just so many questions left unanswered, but one thing's for sure, she looks fabulous. The style of the dress is awesome, and its neutral colour works super well with her skin tone. Overall, a complete success. 

Anna Faris

There's no denying that Anna totally killed it on the Oscars Red Carpet. She just looks so fabulous and elegant that I had no choice but to include her on the list! She actually looks like a princess, and I'm not gonna lie, that style's totally my thing. It's sparkly, it's pretty and it suits her to a T. In my opinion, this is a totally flawless look. 

Jennifer Lopez

Let's not beat around the bush, J-Lo was totally on point at the Oscars. Once again we see someone totally rocking a fairtytale ball gown, and Miss Lopez 100% pulls it off. She of course looks awesome as always, but there's just something so elegant and glamorous about this gown that I absolutely love. The colour of the dress is seriously almost the colour of her skin, so it almost looks as if the two are connected, and that she's just been covered in tule and glitter (you know, in the absolute best way possible). I can't stress enough how awesome this look is, and as a whole, it was a major triumph. 

Worst Dressed

Behati Prinsloo

I may not have any idea who she is, but I know that this dress is an abomination. To me, it looks as if she's been covered in black cardboard, doused with glue, and rolled around in wilting rose petals. What stylist would think that this is a good look? I do not know, nor do I want to. The style's wrong, the shape's wrong, and the pattern (if you can even call it that) is just unforgivable. Overall, a spectacular failure for Behati. 

Felicity Jones

She didn't win best actress, and she most certainly did not win best dressed. I'm sorry Felicity, but things didn't go well for you at the Oscars this year. The 'The Theory of Everything' star's look is a lot of things, but what stands out to me the most is that the dress is just confusing. I honestly don't know whether to look at the awkwardly high turtle neck or the horribly crushed satin skirt, but wherever I lay my eyes, they're sorely disappointed. The hair doesn't help things much, and all in all, this ensemble is just a mess. Sorry Felicity, better luck next time. 

Scarlett Johansson

I honestly cannot pinpoint what exactly makes this look terrible, however I know that altogether, this is not an appealing ensemble. Perhaps it's the Miley Cyrus-esque hair, or the awkward, strangely overpowering necklace? Whatever the reason, I know that this look is definitely not working out for me. The colour is almost tolerable, except that the excessive use of that particular shade of green makes it look a bit like she's the captain of Slytherin house, but nevertheless, it doesn't look like vomit or anything, so that's a plus. Besides that, I can seriously think of no other positive notes, so sorry Scarlett, but this dress is just a no. 

Solange Knowles

If you're the sister of one of the world's most successful pop artists, expectations are automatically sky high the minute you step out onto the red carpet. Sorry Solange, but you just didn't shape up. I cannot find anything positive about this outfit. I mean, first of all, what even is it? If you look to the bottom, the draping bits of fabric appear to be baggy pants, however the fabric hanging from the top seems to form some sort of cape. All I really know for sure is that whatever it is, it absolutely sucks. The colour is awful, the outfit's confusing, and it has absolutely no shape. Sorry, but no Solange, just, no. 

Naomi Watts

I hate to pick on a fellow Australian, but sorry Naomi, this ensemble is not a winner. I mean don't get me wrong, the dress isn't horrible or anything, it just isn't vaguely nice at all. The pattern and colours are just ugly and boring, and for some unknown reason, there seems to be a daggy crop top just shoved underneath it. Why? We do not know. Her hair and make-up are great, but aside from that, there's nothing nice going on with her look. I hate to be mean (kidding, that's a lie), but it's just a major disappointment. 

So you've now officially reached the end of my new, highly judgemental post. Hopefully you agree with my fashion opinions regarding to 2015 Oscars, and if you don't, well it sucks to be you right now. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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