Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Ideal 'Wicked: The Movie' Cast

Blogosphere, hello and welcome! For those of you who don't know, a few months back, it was confirmed that the magically awesome musical 'Wicked' will be hitting the big screen relatively soon. Was I excited? Extraordinarily so! I mean, could the world possibly ever provide us with anything better than this? I think not. Of course, there have been quite a few rumours floating around the world wide web, one of them even suggesting that they turn it into an animated flick, however style, cast and crew have not yet been officially decided upon. So of course, I figured, why not give them a helping hand with casting and list for you guys my ideal stars? Intro complete, here they are . . .

Elphaba: Lea Michele

Okay, so I didn't exactly have to work hard to find this one. I mean, Lea Michele has practically cast herself. My decision is actually 100% bias free, because I don't think many people could argue that she isn't anything but perfect for the role. She's already sung a couple of 'Wicked' classics on 'Glee' and totally knocked them out of the park, plus there's no denying her physical resemblance to the original Elfie played by none other than Idina Menzel. So basically, all I'm trying to say is that her vocals are amazing, her acting is spectacular, she looks the part, and totally has the experience. All in all, an undeniably perfect choice.

Glinda: Megan Hilty

I know, I know, my casting is totally perfect. Megan is an amazing performer, and definitely fits the part of the bubbly, blonde witch to a T. I mean, her awesome vocal abilities and fabulous acting skills in general should be enough to nab her the part, but in addition to all of this wonderful evidence, she also actually played Glinda in the 2005/2006 Broadway production of 'Wicked'. Come on, that's one hell of a credential. Plus, her recent work on 'Smash' proves that she knows her way around an on-screen musical, so why not just whip up a contract and sign her up now?

Fyero: Jonathan Groff

I promise you, my 'Glee' bias is not seeping through at all with my decision making. I think we can all agree that the legendary J-Groff is an ideal candidate for Fyero. He's had a bunch of musical theatre experience in 'Spring Awakening' and 'Hair', as well as his fair share of screen time in 'Looking' and well, of course 'Frozen'. In the resume department there's no denying that he passes with flying colours, and if Lea Michele is cast as Elphaba, it's pretty much guaranteed that their performances will be fabulous. So seriously, why not just hire him already?

Nessa Rose: Anna Kendrick

Yes, yes, the excellent choices continue. Anna Kendrick is seriously a perfect candidate for this film! Let's face it, she was nominated for a Tony at the age of 12, has been nominated for an Oscar, and has recently become the queen of musical movie adaptions *cough* 'Into the Woods', 'The Last Five Years *cough*. So why not put her in this one I ask you? Plus, I think she could totally be an awesome Nessa Rose.

Boq: Darren Criss

Okay, so I know that Darren is the third member of the 'Glee' cast who has made it onto this list, but I'm serious, I totally swear to you that I'm not being biased at all! It's not my fault that Ryan Murphy is a genius and managed to cast so many spectacularly talented people in one television series. Let's face it, Darren would be a perfect Boq. At 5'7.5", he isn't exactly the tallest person on the planet, which totally works in his favour for the character, plus he happens to be super talented and awesome. He's had both screen and Broadway experience, and would without a doubt totally kill the role. So basically, what I'm trying to say is that you should pretty much hire him on the spot.

Doctor Dillamond: Neil Patrick Harris


How do I keep coming up with these perfect casting decisions? I honestly do not know. But yes, NPH is a legend, and would be absolutely perfect in any musical movie adaption! I mean, come on, he's hosted the Tony's about 5 different times, recently just finished starring as 'Hedwig' on Broadway, and has been prolific on both the big and small screen for over 25 years. You can't really deny that that's an impressive resume. Plus, I feel that he could totally smash the role! Because really, if anyone can portray a speaking goat realistically, I feel like it'll be NPH.

Madame Morrible: Angela Lansbury

Let's not beat around the bush, Angela Lansbury should be the Queen. Not even kidding, she is actually the best at life. I first got to know her from the hit series 'Murder, She Wrote', (which, fun fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen every episode of), and now at the age of 89, she's still rocking the world of the performing arts. She's won a total of 5 Tony Awards, has been nominated for 2 Academy Awards, and would totally kill the role. Can you even begin to imagine a more perfect Madame Morrible? I think not.

The Wizard: Hugh Jackman


My stroke of genius continues in casting Hugh Jackman as the Wizard, because really, wouldn't that be totally perfect? Not only would he be doing Australia proud (Aussies represent!), be he also has a ton of both film and musical experience in his favour. In addition to all of this, he already has been in a successful musical to movie adaptation, as he starred in a little feature film called 'Les Misérables' in 2012. Good luck to anyone trying to beat that!

Melena Thropp: Idina Menzel

Who better to play Elphaba's mother than Idina, the original Elfie everyone knows and loves? Considering she's played Lea Michele's mother before on 'Glee', this casting just feels right. It'll be more of a guest appearance than anything else, but personally, I just think it'd be perfect. Let's face it, who else could they possibly get to play the role? I think Idina's got this one in the bag, because come on, it would just be too perfect.

BONUS: Kristin Chenoweth

I don't exactly know how this could happen or what she could play, but Kristin must, I repeat, MUST be in this 'Wicked' film in some way, shape or form. If original Elphaba's there, we have to make sure that original Glinda's there for the ride as well. I don't care if she makes a formal cameo or if she's just cleverly chucked in the background, but whatever it is, it must happen, and it must be spectacular.

So that's about it for my casting. I know, you don't even have to tell me, my picks are absolutely spot on. I feel like I should seriously be a professional casting director, because there's absolutely no beating this spectacular, star studded list. If you have any alternatives feel free to comment, and if you don't, just bask in the awesomeness of my decision making prowess. Now, before we go, I have one final demand for this 'Wicked' movie. In the ending credits, to just top off all of the feels, there must, 100% be a song from the Original Broadway Cast played during the ending credits. It would just be amazingly awesome, and totally end the flick on an awesome note. Not that I'm trying to take over or anything, but I do definitely think that they should play a Glinda and Elfie duet *cough* For Good *cough*.

That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed this speculative post and totally agree with my casting decisions. And also, just a heads up, if it turns out that my dream cast becomes a reality, I just want to remind you all that you saw it here first. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


  1. Im sorry but I disagree with your Elphaba. I do LOVE Lea but I don't think she can portray Elphaba I see her more as a Nessa.

  2. I chose Lea as Elphie and Dove Cameron as Glinda. Anna is totally Nessarose for me