Thursday, 22 December 2016

Best New(ish) Saturday Night Live Sketches

Hey hey blogosphere, welcome back! Given that the HSC is now officially dead and has been for some time, TV has become the predominant focus of my life as I covered pretty extensively in my last post. While I mainly waste away my hours tuning in to legit shows with a linear plot line, I do watch the occasional SNL episode every once in a while. Everyone ever always says that it's not as funny as it used to be and has gone down hill since it's hay-day, but honestly, I've always found it a bit hit and miss in terms of sketches. Sometimes they're super funny and relevant, and at other times cringe-worthy and weird. Well readers, get excited, because today, I'm going to save you the effort of watching countless skits on youtube and having to make your own decisions, and list for you some of the best sketches the new episodes of Saturday Night Live have to offer. In advance, you're totally welcome. Your lol-worthy material awaits . . .

Real Housewives of Disney - 2013

I honestly didn't know how accurate this sketch was until I saw my first 'Real Housewives of Beverley Hills' episode a few weeks ago (which, may I just say, did not disappoint). To paraphrase Lizzie McGuire, Disney princesses are honestly what dreams are made of, and reality TV is the perfect blend of total trash and televisual gold, so to combine the two was always going to be amazing. If you want to witness a smack down between Cinderella and Rapunzel, be slayed by Prince Charming's sassy quips and hear all about Jasmine's affair with Iago the parrot, then I highly suggest you check it out immediately.

Crucible Cast Party - 2016

This may actually just be one of my favourite videos ever created. And no, I'm not building it up too much. It's literally a song about the cast after party of a high school production of 'The Crucible', and lovingly makes fun of theatre kids and teenagers and musicals and it's just all too much I can't even deal. As an out and proud musical theatre geek who was actually in a high school production of 'The Crucible' this year, this music video was 100% right up my alley, however I guess if you're a home-schooled, 70 year old cynic whose never seen a musical in their life, then maybe this isn't the sketch for you. Regardless, in my opinion, it's absolutely amazing and you should definitely give it a go.

50 Shades of Grey Auditions - 2013

From the title, you can already tell this is a winner. Basically, in it, the SNL cast pretend to be awkward celebrity pairings auditioning for the movie. Have you ever wondered what Seth Rogen as Christian Grey and Tilda Swinton as Anastasia Steele would look like? Now's your chance to find out. The whole video's awkward and uncomfortable and honestly it's amazing. So please, I urge you, if you have a soul, hop on over and take a look.

High School Theatre Show - 2015

Once again, this is perhaps one of my favourite videos on the internet, and also revolves around a high school drama performance. Perhaps there is a pattern in my interests? Who would've guessed. Anyway, this skit basically parodies every "alternative" teenager ever who wants to make a change and protect social issues such as animal welfare and gender discrimination *cough* low key me *cough*, and does this in the form of a dramatic piece called 'Mirror to America - A Reflection of You'. Basically, it's tumblr in a nutshell. The accuracy of this sketch is actually amazing, and even though it's kinda sorta making fun of people like me who are heavily in to breaking down societal norms (although I don't take myself seriously at all or dress like an emotionally damaged recluse), I'm totally into it and am able to simultaneously relate to the super passionate teens and heckling audience members. Honestly, it's everything, and you need to watch it right now.

Hillary Actually - 2016

This was a segment on the most recent episode of SNL, and it is seriously the best. Literally every video with Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin as Hillary and Trump is the greatest, but this one has to take the cake with its epic popular culture references. Assuming that you're all alive and active participants in the western world, you should all be familiar with the Christmas classic 'Love Actually' (and if not, stop reading and go watch it because you're missing out). Remember that iconic scene when Keira Knightley's husband's best friend confesses his love to her using a series of massive flash cards? Well, SNL have recreated it for the holiday season, with 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton (aka, Kate McKinnon). In it, she goes to members of the electoral college, and attempts to persuade to vote for anyone but Donald Trump on Monday the 19th (which sadly, in hindsight, we know didn't work). It's everything you could wish for in a video, and is something you must check out now.

So that's about all I have in stall for y'all. Have a fun binge watch of all of these sketches, and keep in mind that there are heaps of other funny ones that have been made over the years for you to move on to once you've finished with this elite selection. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx


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