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Golden Globes 2016: Best and Worst Dressed

Hello blogosphere and welcome to the new year! Yes, I am aware that we're already 18 days in, but better late than never, right? To kick off 2016, I've decided to once again unleash my inner fashionista and critique some of the fashion do's and don'ts at this year's Golden Globes. If you didn't catch it on TV, you definitely should, because it was one hell of a night full of controversial jokes from the one and only Ricky Gervais, auto-cue mishaps and awkward side eye from Leonardo DiCaprio. The whole show was pretty fun, but let's face it, the only thing we're probably going to remember in a few months is who wore what. So without further ado, here's what went down . . .

Best Dressed

Jenna Dewan Tatum

Yes, I only know who she is because she's married to Channing Tatum and was sliced up in 'American Horror Story: Asylum', but nevertheless, she looked fabulous at the Golden Globes. The dress is super fun and sparkly, and let's face it, who doesn't want to make a dramatic ball gown statement on the red carpet? She seriously looks like a grown up Disney princess, I absolutely love it. 

Brie Larson

I really feel like there's a whole lot of foreshadowing going on with this dress. I mean, she literally rocked up to the awards show dressed as a Golden Globe, and then won one for Best Actress in a Drama. Coincidence? I think not. Whatever was going on, I think Brie looked fabulous. I must admit, I'm a fan of some sparkle, so this was definitely a winner in my books. Plus, I'm really pumped she won the Golden Globe, because if you've been following her films for a while now, I think you can agree it's about time. So all in all, I was pretty pumped for Brie Larson. 


If you follow Zendaya on Instagram, you'll discover that she's a bit of a fashion risk-taker, and pretty much slays on every red carpet she steps foot on. Low and behold, the Golden Globes was no exception. Zendaya was simply a guest of Harvey Weinstein's at the event, yet she still totally managed to make her way on to this list (which I'm sure she'd consider to be a major achievement). Seriously, she looks pretty incredible. The pattern of the dress is super pretty, the tiers are cool without being too overwhelming, and she looks really elegant. Basically, she rocked it. 

Lady Gaga


I seriously can't get over how amazing Lady Gaga looked! She looks like an old Hollywood movie star, and is ridiculously glamorous. The structured hip padding is super bold but totally works, and everything about this ensemble is so on point I can't even deal. Plus, not only did she look amazing, but she also won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Mini Series or TV Movie for AHS: Hotel, what more could you want out of a night? From that, the take home message is basically that Gaga slayed the Golden Globes. 

Saoirse Ronan

She may not have won a Golden Globe this year, but she sure did look amazing. Sure, her dress was pretty simple, but sometimes that's a nice break from all the super intricate gowns you see on the carpet. She looked super pretty and ethereal almost, and the dress is really young and elegant. Plus, not gonna lie, Saoirse look a little bit holy in all white. All in all, an amazing red carpet look. 

Worst Dressed

Jennifer Lopez


You have to be really careful when wearing canary yellow, because there's an art to pulling it off. I'm sorry J-Lo, but you have not perfected that art. Ugh, I'm sorry, I love you, but no. The colour is super strong and overpowering, and when there's so much material, that is not a good look. She also just looks super stiff and covered up, except of course for that random, awkward leg split. Plus, I'm a fan of capes and all, but with this dress, it's seriously just overkill. On the positive side, her hair and make-up look really good, but unfortunately they are not enough to salvage this look. I'm sorry, J-Lo, I really am, but I just can't. 

Amber Heard

In the few movies I've seen her in she seems nice and all, but sorry Amber, there is unfortunately nothing I like about this ensemble at all. First of all, the colour is really gross and weird, and looks a little bit like she's started bleeding out. But wait, there's more. The weird flower collar is overpowering and random, and the shape of the dress altogether is just not nice. It looks like a clingy bag that's been tied in the middle, and the high neckline makes her look a bit like a nun. I can see from her hair that Amber was trying to do something cool and retro, but it just did not work out. Sorry, but better luck next time.  

Natalie Dormer

I feel really bad because I think Natalie Dormer's awesome and super talented, but I just don't like this dress. To be fair, it's not the most hideous thing I've ever seen, but at the same time it certainly isn't 'best dressed' material. Not even kidding, without that stupid black thing at the top, this dress would be nowhere near as bad, but unfortunately, the weird neck tie is there to ruin it. It's completely unnecessary and throws off the shape of the dress, making the whole thing look frumpy and gross. Also, the messy hair look is one I'm not a fan of. It seriously just looks as if she rolled out of bed and walked straight on to the red carpet. I'm sorry Natalie, fingers crossed this was a one time fashion faux pas. 

Maggie Gyllenhaal

Again, I feel a bit bad for doing this because Maggie is a really talented actress, but there is seriously nothing nice about her Golden Globes red carpet look at all. The pattern is disgusting, the colours make her look like a weird bumble bee, the shape is just awful, and the random flower on her left shoulder is gross and unnecessary. Not gonna lie, even her hair isn't the best. But despite all of this, at least we can look on the bright side - there's always room for improvement for next time. 

Rachel McAdams

Again, I really like Rachel, but that doesn't exempt her from being on this list, because her Golden Globes frock was not one I was a fan of. At least with this one the shape of the dress is nice and everything, but the pattern is really just not good. It kind of looks like the dress was supposed to be black, and right before coming on the carpet she decided to roll around in a tomato and basil pizza. Plus, the material itself is super creased. I don't know whether this was a deliberate style choice or if Rachel was just feeling super lazy and couldn't be bothered to whip out an iron, but either way, it's not a good look. And even after all of these negatives, there's still one more - her hair. It's weird and puffy, and makes her look like a cockatoo. Once again, I'm really sorry Rachel, but no.

So that's about all I have for you! Hopefully you agree with my fashion critique, and if not, you can always let me know in the comments section. While you have a chance, I highly suggest you do take a look at the awards show, because there was some pretty funny, controversial stuff that went down that I'm sure you really don't want to miss. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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