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Teen Choice Awards 2015: Best and Worst Dressed

Hello again readers! I'm back, which is sure to excite many of you, and am ready to supply you with some pretty harsh critique. Yes, you know what's coming. Today, I'm going to unleash my inner fashion guru and be ruthless in my judgement of some of the best and worst outfits at this year's Teen Choice Awards. So get pumped and be prepared for some vaguely offensive comments. Intro complete, here are my choices . . .

Best Dressed

Lea Michele

Believe it or not, this is a totally bias free zone. I don't even have to play favourites, because Lea Michele looked super amazing at the awards this year. Her dress was pretty and young, and her hair was definitely on point. I honestly can't fault the look, she really went all out. 

Lucy Hale

I seriously love this ensemble, and for totally different reasons than the dress above. Lucy took a bit of a fashion risk, but it definitely payed off. Her dress is edgy and super fashion forward, and I just love the cool, harsher vibe it gives off. Also, her eye make-up was seriously amazing if you take a closer look. All in all, Lucy definitely brought it. 

Emma Roberts

I don't know why I like this so much, but I really do love Emma's look at the awards. She just looks really pretty, and even though the dresses' patterns are a bit left of centre, I think it totally works. The colours give off a real summer vibe, and she manages to look conservative but still in a fun way (which is definitely a difficult feat). Overall, Emma looked fabulous. 

Nina Dobrev

Again, it seems that fashion risks were taken, but boy were they successful. Nina looks so good, and I absolutely love her dress, even though I didn't really expect that I would. Of course, it's pink, which is always a bonus, but it's not your usual pretty, girly dress. She brings an edgy glamour vibe to the carpet, and looks super amazing. Basically, she killed it.

Ashley Benson

I'm actually so depressed because the continuity has been destroyed, but I just had to include Ashley, because her look at the awards was definitely on point. Apparently she didn't pose individually on the carpet, but nevertheless, she looked fabulous. Her dress is super glamorous, and fun fact, it is actually made from blue velvet. How cool is that? Plus, her hair and make up happened to compliement the ensemble perfectly.

Worst Dressed

Willow Shields

I don't know. Just, can someone tell me why? This girl is literally only 15 years old, yet somehow she's dressing like a conservative, elderly circus performer. The top and skirt do not by any stretch of the imagination go together, and even on their own, they still remain to be super gross. There's literally nothing nice about this at all, this ensemble is actually horrible. Sorry Willow, but ew, no.

Janel Parish

I'm sorry Janel, but I just don't like this look. Don't get me wrong, it's not totally hideous, but it's just not nice in any way. The dress's shape is super odd, and I don't really know why it has weird, baggy sleeves that look like a cape they'd slap on you at the hairdressers. I also feel like it should just be a red carpet rule that all fashion must be devoid of skeletons (unless of course you're Avril Lavigne, in which case go right ahead). So all in all, a bit of a disappointment. 

Chelsea Kane

Again, this isn't exactly an eye-sore, but it's really not even close to being a passable red carpet look. Before we even get to the outfit, her hair is super messy and she seems to have a random dog collar on. But oh no, there's more. For some reason, Chelsea decided to rock up in a towel and leggings. Why? That will continue to remain a mystery. But Chelsea, if I were you, I would definitely fire my stylist. 

Bella Thorne

Once again, this isn't terrible, but Bella was definitely one of the worst dressed there. Orange is at least a nice colour for her, but the style and pattern of the dress kind of looks like the carpet someone would have at an aquarium. Plus, the shape of the dress is all wrong. It's just tight and shapeless, and is a super awkward length. Like seriously, where's the rest of it? I'm sorry Bella, but no. 


Apparently this was a red carpet hit and made it onto everyone's best dressed lists, but sorry, for me, this was not a winner. Zendaya always takes fashion risks, which I can certainly respect, but unfortunately this case I don't think it payed off. The top is weirdly puffy and just juxtaposes too much with the super tight skirt she's wearing. The whole ensemble also looks as if she's going to fly out to a business meeting any second. Plus, her hair is really hard and severe, which because she's so slender, doesn't work at all. Better luck next time Zendaya!

Anyway, there you have it, my top 5 best and worst dressed at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. Do you agree with my picks, or  do you think that I have no taste whatsoever and don't know what I'm talking about? Either way, hopefully the post was entertaining. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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