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8 Unanswered Questions from the How I Met Your Mother Series Finale

Hello blogosphere! As you're probably already aware, last week officially marked the end of the beloved sitcom HIMYM forever, and fans were super depressed for a number of reasons, (I'm going to warn you now, this post has many spoiler alerts). In fact, it has been described by many people as a:

Because of the magic that is the internet, I watched the finale pretty soon after it came out. Personally, I quite liked the twist ending, but as with most series finales, there are still a bunch of unanswered questions which will probably annoy me for the rest of my life. I officially warn you for the last time, if you don't want spoiler alerts, stop reading now.

What kind of fatal disease did the Mother die from?

It seems that everyone (including the writers) was so caught up in the fact that the mother had died that no one stopped and realised that we never found out why. I get that she got sick, but is that really all the information we get? Considering Tracy (the mother)'s previous fiancé died from an unknown cause, you'd think we'd at least find out what happened to the character whom the entire show was technically about. The show's named after her! Yet still, no cause of death. I mean, apparently it's some sort of magical disease that in no way alters her physical appearance, because that's totally a thing (insert heavy sarcasm here). I guess it wouldn't really have changed anything if we did know what it was, but it would be nice to find out what mysterious sickness she randomly obtained and how it happened. Perhaps it was their way of keeping some sort of mystery alive? I honestly don't know, but I do know it's annoying. 

How long has this story taken to tell?

I honestly don't even vaguely know what time frame the show occurs in. Originally I'd just assumed that he was telling the kids this story over the course of a couple of hours (which let's face, is still a ridiculously long time for any parent to be talking to their kids). That was until I realised that the kids have gone through two outfits during the time this story has been told. Don't believe me? The evidence is right here. 

They also seem to have been able to buy a new couch and table and rearrange all the pictures in the background, but that's another issue. The only hint we really have is that it was told in 2030, meaning that it could've taken anywhere between 1 and 365 days for Ted to tell this story. That doesn't exactly narrow it down. Could it have taken days maybe? Months even?! We just don't know. I feel so sorry for those kids, listening to their dad rattle on about how he met their mother, which legitimately could've been summed up in one sentence. 'She was the bass player at a wedding I was at'. That's all that was needed! Ugh, the annoyance. 

Who's the mother of Barney's kid and does she care that he's taken it?

Sure, this random girl was referred to as 'Number 31' as a part of Barney's 'Perfect Month', but that doesn't tell us anything. So far, we know it's someone who has the ability to have kids, so that indicates female, but apart from that, I have no clue. Could it truly just be a random? Who knows, maybe it's Quinn? Or Patrice? Or Marshall's cougar ex-professor? Whoever it is though, you'd think they'd mind that Barney totally just stole the kid. Let's look at the facts- Barney scammed a girl, accidentally got her pregnant, complained about it for 9 months, denied being the father in the delivery room and then was all 'I love it, it's mine'. If I were that girl, I wouldn't just hand it over forever to a random guy in a suit, how is that safe? I guess we'll just never know. 

How did the yellow umbrella last so long?

You know the yellow umbrella that they use in like every promo for HIMYM ever? When you think about it, that thing's survived through a lot. Here's what we know- Tracy had it for who knows how long before Ted found it at a St Patrick's Day Parade. He then held on to the umbrella for a few years, used it in a couple of storms, before leaving it at his ex-girlfriend's apartment (who just happened to be Tracy's roommate). Okay, so she somehow has it again, uses it for quite a few years after that, before finally we see it in 2013, working perfectly. What kind of magical umbrella is this? I don't know what the average life-span of an umbrella is, but I'm pretty sure it's not over 9 years. And it's not like it's been cooped up in a corner for ages, it's been used many times! It's probably had more public outings than I have in the past 9 years, how is that fair? 

Why didn't the Mother have a doppelgänger?

If you've stuck out these nine years and have been following HIMYM pretty closely, you'll know that everyone has got their doppelgänger, just look below:


You've got Lesbian Robin, Moustache Marshall, Stripper Lily, Mexican Wrestler Ted and Fertility Doctor Barney, but where's Tracy's doppelgänger? That's just a tad unfair. First you kill her off, and now she can't even have a look-a-like, what is this? Having a doppelgänger was like a HIMYM group right of passage. Does that mean the mother was never in their little group at all? Perhaps they were foreshadowing her death? Whatever the answer, I think it's pretty mean that she didn't have a double. 

Do the gang still keep in touch regularly?

Obviously, based on the last scene between Ted and Robin, it seems that those guys have kept in contact, but what about everyone else? The 5 of them practically lived in McLaren's for pretty much 9 years, and now what? I get that they're kinda promoting the message that friends grow apart and all that jazz, but don't you just wish that the magic of television could just ignore that and make them all best buddies forever. I always rely on TV to lie to me, I'm perfectly happy firmly in denial! What will the world come to if Hollywood is, dare I say it, vaguely realistic? It's just too horrible to think about. Does Ted just not have friends anymore? Is he a sad loner who decides to torture his children with ridiculously long stories? We'll never know.

How was Ted allowed back into 'Carmichaels'?

We all know about Ted's little blue French horn fixation, but you'd think by now, so would 'Carmichaels' (the restaurant he keeps stealing it from). He's not only stolen it once, but twice. Every time he feels the need to woo Robin, there it is again. If some maniac kept trying to come in and steal your French horn, wouldn't you be prepared for them to come back and steal it again? To be fair, it was shown once under lock and key, but apparently by the time 2030 rolls around, their standards have slipped. I'm pretty sure he would have to get a lifetime ban, it's been 3 times now, that's ridiculous. Also, what kind of restaurant doesn't change their decor for 25 years? Do they even clean it? That must go against all kinds of OH&S. Still, I guess it's the magic of television, logic is a thing of the past . . .

Seriously, what happened with the pineapple?

I've stuck with this show for so long, yet I still have no idea what happened with the pineapple! In 'The Pineapple Incident', we're all aware that a lot of crazy stuff went down, but what is it all exactly? It's still all a blur to Ted. But seriously, couldn't they have given us a hint? They're driving us crazy! So many conspiracy theories, so little time. Pineapples don't just appear from nowhere, what has life come to? I honestly thought the writers would give the fans a break and be all 'you know what, we killed off the mother, but here's what happened with the pineapple', but no, we don't even get that. Sure, it's kinda fun trying to figure everything that went down, but not if we never get to know! The agony just continues forever now. Even Marshall agrees!

So that's pretty much the end of my post. As much as I've complained, I really liked the 'How I Met Your Mother' finale (despite public opinion). Who knows, maybe all my questions will be answered soon enough considering it's just been revealed that the Season 9 DVD will come with all sorts of extras, including an alternate finale which will supposedly solve all our problems, yay! There may be hope for me yet. Til' next time . . .

Annabel xx

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